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Buerkle Stands with Republican Women Against the President's Health Care Law


Location: Washington, DC

With the Supreme Court engaged in an historic review of the controversial health care reform law, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, and nine other House Republican women Members, including Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25), held a press conference to highlight the negative impact of the health care law on American women. With Democrats continuing to advance the myth that Republicans are waging a "War on Women," House Republican women demonstrated that what really scares American women are the President's failed policies.

"I have spent most of my professional life in health care as a nurse and later a health care attorney. I am a mother of six, grandmother of thirteen, and the daughter of a 90 year old mother. I understand how important it is that health care decisions remain in the hands of patients, their family, and their doctor," said Rep. Buerkle.

"The President's health care law is an egregious overreach by the Federal government and should be repealed. It is unconstitutional, impractical, and against the wishes of the American people. Nearly every poll finds that a strong majority of Americans want this law repealed and replaced with true health care reform.

"Women make 85 percent of the health care decisions in this country, represent a majority of health care professionals in the United States, and are among the strong majority who oppose the President's health care law. Women want to make health care decisions for themselves, their families, and their patients. They do not want the federal government coming in and making those decisions for them.

"Democrats will have you believe that there is a Republican "War on Women', but the real "War on Women' is the President's failed policies. In addition to hurting women, the President's policies hurt seniors by cutting Medicare and instituting IPAB, future generations by continuing out of control government spending, and all Americans by intervening in the private relationship between patients and their physicians.

"No one denies the fact that we need health care reform in this country, but the President's health care law is not true reform. It is an intrusion into the lives of the American people. I hope the Supreme Court finds the legislation to be unconstitutional so that we can restore Americans' faith that they have control over their own health care decisions and so that we as legislators can move forward in developing true health care reform."

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