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Second Anniversary of President Obama's Health Care Law


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) released the following statement regarding the two year anniversary of President Obama's health care bill being signed into law.

"Two years ago today President Obama signed his health care bill into law. This egregious government takeover of health care has done much more harm than good. The bill cut Medicare by $500 billion and has increased insurance premiums, which are expected to double in the next ten years.

"The bill instituted the Independent Panel Advisory Board (IPAB), a panel comprised of 15 bureaucrats that determine what services Medicare patients receive. It has placed health care decisions in the hands of the government, instead of patients, their family, and their doctor. According to the doctors in my district, this overreach would hinder their ability to provide quality care to those who need it most. Thankfully, the House voted to repeal this measure yesterday and I hope the Senate will do the same.

"We can all agree that health care reform is needed, but not in this fashion. Not on the backs of our seniors.

"In addition to its detrimental effect on health care in this country, one of the biggest failures of the President's health care law is how it has stalled economic recovery. Instead of providing certainty and promoting a pro-growth agenda during a time of economic hardship, the President forced through this bloated, irresponsible health care law. When he should have been supporting America's job creators, he made things worse for them.

"I hear from businesses in my district about how the uncertainty that this health care bill has created has hampered their ability to grow. They do not know how this bill will impact them and they are unable to create jobs and expand their operations.

"Government created uncertainty is not what we need right now. We need pro-growth initiatives that will lead to economic recovery. We need true health care reform that will not hinder America's job creators in the process. The House of Representatives has taken steps to undo the damage that the President has caused with his health care bill. I will continue to fight for its repeal and to institute true health care reform that is beneficial to everyone and does not impede our job creators."

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