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Buerkle: Obama Administration Doesn't Understand the Pain at the Pump


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu appeared before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee regarding the Department of Energy's stimulus spending. Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) had the opportunity to question Secretary Chu, as a member of the committee.

Buerkle's line of questioning centered on the need to develop a comprehensive energy policy that reduces the United States' dependence on foreign oil and gives Americans relief from rising energy and gas prices.

"Secretary Chu's appearance before the committee confirmed how out of touch this Administration is with the American people," said Rep. Buerkle.

"My constituents are struggling to make ends meet because they are paying nearly $4.00 a gallon at the pump, and what isn't spent at the pump is going toward heating their homes during the winter months.

"Rather than coming up with solutions to reduce costs and give people relief, this Administration suggests increasing the use of electric cars. The thought that the Administration's solution to our energy problems is for Americans to buy a new car, in these economic times, is unacceptable.

"Everyone is hurting because of gas prices and once again the President is nowhere to be found. Our country needs an energy policy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil, not a President who lobbies the Senate to reject projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline that would provide domestic energy and 100,000 jobs.

"We need to be exploring all forms of alternative energy. Take nuclear energy for example. When was the last time a nuclear facility was constructed in the United States? France generates 75% of their power from nuclear resources. We should be taking notice and exploring options to do the same. The United States should be leading the charge for alternative energy, not following behind.

"We must invest in viable, alternative energy options that will develop our domestic natural resources, establish a long-term energy policy, and help put our economy on a path to recovery."

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