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Hinchey: House Republican Budget Ends Promise of Medicare while Cutting Taxes for Millionaires and Billionaires


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) today released the following statement in opposition to a Republican budget proposal that would end the promise of Medicare while cutting taxes for the extremely wealthy.

"This budget shows us just how warped and out of touch congressional Republicans have become. For New Yorkers who have spent their entire careers paying into the Medicare system, the House Republican budget ends the promise of secure health care in retirement. For many families counting on Pell Grants, their plan cuts off access to college. For new moms struggling to buy food for their children, their plan cuts off nutrition assistance through WIC. For New Yorkers still struggling to find work, their budget destroys an additional 4 million jobs. But for the very rich who continue to see their wealth grow, the House Republicans deliver a massive new tax cut worth at least $150,000 a year to every millionaire and billionaire.

"Most Americans believe it is immoral to cut taxes for the top 1 percent while cutting health care, education and job opportunities for everybody else, but that's exactly what this budget would do. These are not the priorities of New Yorkers or the American people.

"There is a better way forward. Instead of cutting Medicare, we should allow the tax cuts for the extremely wealthy to expire. Instead of cutting student loans, we should end special tax giveaways to big oil companies. And instead of cutting important investments in infrastructure, we should bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and focus on rebuilding American instead. We can balance the budget, create jobs and lay the groundwork for a new generation of prosperity. Unfortunately, House Republicans would do just the opposite."

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