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Hearing of the Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee - Re-evaluating the Transition from Service Member to Veteran: Honoring a Shared Commitment to Care for Those Who Defend our Freedom


Location: Washington, DC

Thank Chairman Runyan and Ranking Member McNearney for recognizing me here today.

This isn't the normal subcommittee that I sit on, but today I am proud to have an organization from my district that I've had the pleasure of working with testifying before this committee. I'd like to use my opening remarks to recognize and introduce to the committee Eric Greitens of the Mission Continues.

The Mission Continues is truly a remarkable organization that empowers veterans to transform their lives and the lives of others by participating in community service fellowships. These Mission Continues fellows serve six months at community non-profit organization and afterwards either obtain fulltime employment, pursue higher education or a permanent role of service. This is truly a remarkable program that not only gives veterans a much needed sense of purpose following military service, but also eases an often extremely difficult transition to civilian life.

And as an organization that is run by a Navy Seal and many former members of the military, the Mission Continues has a keen understanding of the many challenges facing our service members when they return home. As this organization continues to make this model more accessible and available to veterans across our country, my colleagues and I stand ready to continue to support them in this life-changing work.

With that, Mr. Chairman, I again thank you for recognizing me, and I look forward to hearing the testimony of not only the Mission Continues, but the other organizations who are present here today to talk about this important issue.

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