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Rep. Culberson Applauds House "Path to Prosperity" Budget Plan


Location: Unknown

Congressman John Culberson (TX-07) issued the following statement regarding the House Budget Plan for FY2013:

"We are rapidly sliding into bankruptcy because of the uncontrollable spending the Obama administration has so aggressively and relentlessly pursued. While we are on the brink of bankruptcy, we can turn this around. However, we must act quickly and decisively before the problem reaches the same magnitude of European countries such as Greece.

"I support Chairman Ryan's budget plan that will drastically cut spending and put our economy on the path to prosperity. At the same time, this plan will protect funding for our military and reform critical health and retirement programs for our seniors.

"The urgency of our fiscal crisis can best be illustrated by the fact that Medicare is going broke. In ten years, anyone who is 53 years old today won't be able to get the Medicare benefits they are expecting because the Medicare Hospital Fund will be insolvent. The House Republican budget doesn't change Medicare for anyone who is 55 years older or over, but for younger Americans, it ensures that Medicare will be available to them when they retire. When younger workers become eligible for Medicare, they will have the flexibility to choose from a list of guaranteed coverage options.

"The House Budget plan addresses the tough choices we are now faced with head-on. I will continue to do everything I can to urgently deal with this problem based on my core principles as a constitutional fiscal conservative. This is a fight we cannot afford to lose."

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