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Lynn's Weekly Update - Southeast KS Jobs Fair, Obamacare Cost Doubles, Congress to KS Tour and Visits



Southeast Kansas Jobs Fair a Huge Success
As the economy recovers, Americans continue to struggle to find work. Therefore, the first priority of Congress should be to create an environment where job growth and hiring can thrive again. That is why, I was honored to host my Southeast Kansas Jobs Fair at Memorial Auditorium in Pittsburg today, where we were able to connect hundreds of Kansans looking for jobs with prospective employers currently hiring in Southeast Kansas. Even in tough times, there are jobs available in our state, and often it is simply a matter of connecting the folks looking for jobs with the employers looking to fill those positions.

We invited local Kansas employers from both large and small businesses from all over Southeast Kansas to participate in the jobs fair. Memorial Auditorium was near max capacity with over 30 employers offering jobs represented at the fair. Employers representing health care agencies, construction firms, insurance companies, schools, retail companies and many other industries were there taking resumes and visiting with hundreds of job seekers.

The Southeast Kansas Jobs Fair was a great success, and it would not have been possible without such wonderful support from the local community. Rather than waiting for Washington to propose more big spending programs that attempt to turn this economy around from the top down, I'd rather take action now, work with the private sector to create an environment suitable to growth, and help Kansans find work today.

Cost of Obamacare Nearly Doubles
This week the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced an update to their cost estimate for the President's health care law. The report states that over the next 10 years Obamacare will cost tax payers $1.76 trillion -- nearly double the Democrats' original claim of $940 billion.

The President's health care law, forced through Congress nearly two years ago, is an immensely costly program that fails to address many of the most pressing concerns facing our broken health care system. From boards of unelected bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor to the debacle of the proposed state exchanges, this law is incredibly flawed. And while the President famously claimed that if you liked your healthcare plan you could keep it, the CBO also announced this week that 5 million Americans will likely lose their employee sponsored plans as a result of Obamacare. Clearly, neither our pocket books nor our wellbeing can afford this takeover of our health care system, so our fight to repeal and replace Obamacare with honest, positive, cost cutting patient-centered reforms must continue to be a top priority.

Congress to Kansas Tour and Visits Around the District
This week was a district work week, which allowed me to travel all over Eastern Kansas visiting with folks about the issues most important to them and touring some amazing Kansas businesses.

On Monday, I traveled down to Southeast Kansas and held two Congress to Kansas events, my 56th and 57th Congress to Kansas events of the 112th Congress. First, I went to Chanute where we had a great discussion about our national security, the role of the government in transportation, and immigration.

Then I traveled to Parsons to visit and tour the DaVita Dialysis Center. The center was truly inspiring. The amazing work the nurses and care givers in Parsons do, day in and day out, caring for their patients with the utmost respect and kindness is incredible to see. The patients themselves were even more remarkable. Further, with March being the National Kidney Month, the visit came a very opportune time. My visit to DaVita was one I will not soon forget, and I look forward to my next chance to stop by.

I wrapped up the day on Monday in Oswego, where I had the chance to meet with city officials and tour the city, before holding a listening session with students and citizens at Oswego High School. We had a great discussion about the nation's financial status and our plan to chart our way back to prosperity.

Wednesday, I met with the Senior Council of the Topeka Chamber of Commerce. We had a solid discussion about jobs, energy and the economy before I headed out to Lawrence to meet with the National Association of Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). The folks at NARFE were very welcoming and I really enjoyed our discussion about the challenges facing government employees and retirees here in Kansas. I was then able to tour the Vangent call facility, also in Lawrence. The folks at Vangent handle a significant portion of the calls for 1-800-Medicare and various other government agencies. The employees there are on the front lines of Government service and do a remarkable job.

It was a very busy week capped off with a visit to the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce on Thursday and my Southeast Kansas Jobs Fair on Friday. I love these district work weeks when I get to see the great work being done here in Eastern Kansas and hear what Kansans are most concerned about. I want to thank all the folks who came out to my events this week. I heard a lot of good feedback and will be sure to take your ideas back to Washington.

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