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My name is Tim Aalders and I am running for the position of United States Senator for the state of Utah. My team and I represent a fundamental change in the approach to governmental management, the representation of the citizens of Utah and the interests of our great state. You, as a citizen of Utah, have a unique opportunity to set the national agenda for the state of Utah as well as the potential to set the direction of political discourse for the country. The time has come to rise up against the self-serving political establishment and return to the representative republic envisioned by our founders.

I am not a politician. I have not been corrupted by the political process nor will I ever be corrupted by this process. My goal is to represent you as a citizen statesman focused on realistic, common sense solutions based on a belief that right is always right regardless of the enemies I may make in Washington. I am not running to make friends of politicians. I am running to represent the interests of you and the state of Utah. This is how you can set the stage for Utah to drive the national political discourse. With your support we will demonstrate the power a U.S. Senator has when he or she has a clear mandate from the people. With your mandate I will lead the charge to crush the corruption the Congress has unleashed when left to its own devices. We will demonstrate to the nation what can be done when the people are involved and encourage citizens of other states to do the same. With your help, the people will once again have the power.

I will demonstrate my commitment to the people by setting a standard our current senator has no capability to understand, and a vision the other senate candidates completely lack. My advisers and I will operate out of our offices in Salt Lake City. We will travel to Washington for each of the legislative sessions and return to Utah to conduct the business of our state. When we are not in Washington D.C. we will regularly schedule town halls in each of the districts to inform you of what is being discussed in Washington and to hear your ideas and opinions. We will also meet with the Utah legislature and the governor and take their counsel.

Those who try to influence my vote will have to travel to Utah, into the heart of our state, making it impossible for them to hide their actions. When they meet with me they will be confronted with a policy of two-person integrity. At no point will I or anyone on my staff meet with anyone alone. There will always be at least two persons to witness the event. By shedding light on the process the roaches will scatter. Such policies will remind the influence peddlers that we are servants of you, the people of Utah.

I will exhibit true leadership, not the faux leadership derived in the arrogance of those elected officials who falsely assume they are aristocracy. I will know myself and seek improvement. I will be technically proficient in my position and understand the ramifications of all that I do. I will take responsibility for my actions. I will make sound decisions. I will set the example. I will look out for your well-being. I will keep you informed. Finally, I will never forget I am a servant of the people who have placed their trust in me.

The people of the state of Utah have the opportunity to set the standard and the narrative for the country by refusing to play the business as usual game. We are not the weak minded automatons Orrin Hatch and other professional politicians assume we are. We are the people, whom the politicians are bound by law, to serve. We are the keepers of our freedom; we are the masters of our destiny! We urge the people to rise up and take a stand against the tyrannical ideals of our self-appointed political aristocrats. No longer do we need those with experience in Washington, as having experience means knowing how to gain power and wealth at the expense of the people. It's time to put people before politics and principle before party; we are the people.

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