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Repeal IPAB

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. FLEMING. Mr. Speaker, we now have reached a landmark, 2 years since the passage of ObamaCare. More and more, the American people have been hearing about something called IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board--the centerpiece to ObamaCare and its inevitable rationing of health care.

This is a board of 15 unelected, unaccountable and not necessarily health care-experienced individuals who will have more power than even Congress, itself, when it comes to deciding what care every American will receive. The board members will not be under congressional oversight and will not answer the phone when you call to complain. Americans agree by 57 percent to 38 percent margins ObamaCare and IPAB should be fully repealed.

So far, Democrats have been unwilling to listen to the outcry from the American people. They will have yet another chance to respond to ``we the people's'' unhappiness with ObamaCare by voting with Republicans this week to repeal IPAB. And, hopefully, they will be willing to vote to repeal ObamaCare, itself, in its entirety when it is brought up for a vote sometime in the future.


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