Repeal of IPAB Wrongly Tied to Medical Malpractice

Floor Speech

By:  Thomas Holden
Date: March 22, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HOLDEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today in support of repealing IPAB. However, I speak in opposition to tying this repeal to H.R. 5. This is another act of political theater and disingenuous at best.

IPAB relinquishes congressional responsibility to care for our seniors. Passing these decisions off, whether it is to insurance companies or an unelected commission, undermines Congress' ability to represent the needs of our seniors and make decisions on health care policy for Medicare beneficiaries.

We must preserve access to quality Medicare while containing costs and replacing the flawed payment system. Simply cutting reimbursements is not the answer. If we truly want to rein in the cost of Medicare and repeal IPAB, we should do it as a stand-alone bill.

The Senate has no intention of bringing H.R. 5 up for a vote. Why then are we wasting our time on legislation that has no chance of becoming law?

Americans want their elected leaders working together to find solutions to the problems facing our country, not to be active participants in political theater.

I urge my colleagues to have an open and honest debate on Medicare reform by bringing an independent IPAB repeal bill to the floor.

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