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Roskam Statement on Two Year Anniversary of President Obama's Healthcare Overhaul


Location: Washington, DC

hief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06) issued the followed statement marking the two year anniversary of President Obama's healthcare overhaul.

"In the two years since Obamacare passed Americans have overwhelmingly rejected the overhaul that has delivered nothing but broken promises and made our healthcare system worse. The Administration promised Obamacare would lower health costs for families, reduce the deficit, create thousands of jobs, and that patients would be able to keep their doctor and healthcare plan if they liked it -- the opposite has happened in each case. What's worse, many of the worst components of Obamacare still haven't even gone into effect. This agenda is not what Americans signed up for. Today's vote in the House to repeal the IPAB -- an egregious part of Obamacare that would deny seniors care and increase out of pocket costs -- is one positive step forward for America's seniors and our healthcare system. Yet it is only one step. It's critical that Obamacare is fully repealed and replaced with commonsense patient-centered healthcare reforms that lower the cost of care, increase access, and don't make it tougher for businesses to create jobs."

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