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Roskam Applauds House Path to Prosperity Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06) issued the following statement today applauding Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's introduction of the House Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, The Path to Prosperity.

"We are on the verge of the most predictable debt crisis in our history -- and if we don't manage it now, our debt will forever manage us. Yet, with skyrocketing debt and sustained high unemployment, the Senate still hasn't passed a budget in three years, and the White House continues to push an unserious budget that makes things worse, leading us down the road of debt, doubt, and decline. More debt has already accumulated under President Obama's watch than any other president ever, and he has no serious plan to tackle it moving forward.

"Americans deserve a better future, one where generations to come aren't saddled with crushing debt that prevents them from having the opportunities we've enjoyed. They deserve honest leadership that confronts and has a real solution for the debt that threatens America's very being. The Path to Prosperity is that pathway forward. Our budget has honest solutions that tackle the oncoming tsunami of debt, preserve Medicare and other crucial safety-net programs for the future, and fundamentally reinvigorate the economy with comprehensive pro-growth tax reform and commonsense energy policies. Americans deserve honest leadership and genuine solutions, not more failed promises and cheap political attacks."

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