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Hearing of the Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee - Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Request for Information Technology and Cyber Operations Programs


Location: Unknown

The Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee meets today to receive testimony on the fiscal year 2013 budget request for for Information Technology and Cyber Operations Programs. Chairman Thornberry will give the following opening statement as prepared for delivery:

"Let me welcome our witnesses and guests to this hearing on the Department of Defense's 2013 budget request for Information technology and cyber programs.

"I appreciate General Alexander and Ms. Takai being back with us, and it is good to see Ms. Creedon in a somewhat different capacity.

"It is striking to me that in his written testimony, General Alexander says, in effect, that things have gotten worse over the last year. We talked then about the growing threat and our difficulty in playing catch-up. Despite the successes of Cyber Command over the past year, which I do not discount, it still seems to me that the dangers to our nation in cyberspace are growing faster than our ability to protect the country.

"It is significant that the Speaker and the Majority Leader are planning to bring broad cyber legislation to the House Floor next month. And it is also significant that there continues to be bipartisan support for taking action, an effort to which the Ranking Member, Mr. Langevin, has been central for some years. I hope that the Senate will take action on the various proposals that have been introduced there.

"But we should not kid ourselves. The American people expect that the Department of Defense to defend the country in whatever domain it is attacked. That means that Cyber Command must be ready, and Congress and the Administration must find a way to ensure that it has the legal authorities it needs and at the same time ensure that the constitutional rights of Americans are protected.

"Today, I will be interested in hearing how the Administration's 2013 budget request takes us closer toward that goal."

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