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Loebsack Vows to Never Engage in Lobbying


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dave Loebsack today vowed to never use his public service for personal gain by becoming a lobbyist. He also cosponsored two pieces of legislation today that would stop the revolving door that allows Members of Congress to become lobbyists. The Stop the Revolving Door in Washington Act more than doubles the length of the current lobbying ban. Loebsack is the only Democrat and second Member of the House to cosponsor this bill. However, Loebsack believes the ban should go further and became the first Member of Congress to cosponsor legislation that would impose a lifetime ban on lobbying by former Members of Congress.

"I first ran for office because, having grown up in poverty, I know that Iowa families need a strong voice and an advocate who will ensure their voices are heard over the voices of the special interests who so often dominate Washington. I came here for one reason - to serve the people of Iowa. Sadly, however, far too often people come to Washington just to cash in. That's why I vow to never follow in the footsteps of so many others and engage in lobbying as a way to cash in on having served the people of Iowa.

"People's faith in government has been severely damaged. If Congress does not take action to stop the revolving door between the Capitol and Washington lobby firms, there is no way their faith can be rebuilt. Banning lobbying by former Members of Congress is one small step Congress can take to demonstrate they are putting the interests of the American people first. It is time we take action and put a stop to these practices."

H.R. 4030, The Stop the Revolving Door in Washington Act, extends the current "cooling off" period, which restricts Members of Congress from lobbying, from one year to five years after they leave office. H. R. 3491 would enact a lifetime ban on Members of Congress from engaging in federal lobbying contacts.

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