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Slipping Specter Turns Republican Attack Machine of Hoeffel

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Misleading Ad Shows How 24-Year Incumbent Will Say Whatever It Takes to Hold onto Office Despite Failures on the Economy and Iraq

PHILADELPHIA, PA - With the latest public poll showing that a mere 30% of Pennsylvanians approve of the job he has clung to for 24 years, Senator Arlen Specter unleashed the first negative ad of the general election campaign. As expected, Specter uses the same kind of misleading tactics that the Bush-Cheney campaign has employed to attack anyone who challenges Republican failures to improve either the economy at home or the security situation in Iraq.

"It's sad to see that Arlen Specter is so desperate to keep his job that he will say anything to change the subject from his 89% support for the Bush-Cheney White House," Hoeffel said. "In fact, he has taken a page right out of their slimy attack politics book by intentionally misrepresenting my voting record as far back as 23 years ago. But with more than 350,000 unemployed, 161,000 manufacturing jobs lost, another 330,000 Pennsylvanians losing their health insurance and costs going through the roof, it's no wonder Arlen wants to go back more than two decades to find something to talk about other than the realities facing Pennsylvania families and communities.

"After all, unlike John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Dick Lugar and Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter is not one of the Republicans brave enough to criticize this administration's complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq that has diverted our energy and attention away from the real war on terror," Hoeffel continued. "So Arlen's gotten in his own swift boat and skimmed right over the facts by intentionally misstating my votes on crime and homeland security - two areas where his own record is questionable given his recent vote to put assault weapons back on the streets and into the hands of criminals and terrorists.Fact is, I'm the one who's been endorsed by the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police, not Arlen Specter.

"Voters know that the issues at stake on November 2nd are big and important to our country's future. They're tired of these kinds of misleading, untruthful negative ads. It's about time somebody called Specter on his inaccurate and often hypocritical statements about his own record and mine. After 24 years in office, it's telling that Specter could only find a week's worth of positive things to say about himself before he went back to the same old negative politics for which he's infamous.

"This TV spot is only one example of how the Republican attack machine tries to turn the debate away from the mess they've made the past four years. But it's not going to work because whether it's in Iraq or Aliquippa, people see the facts on the ground and the reality in their own lives. They know our state's on the wrong track, that Arlen Specter has had his chance to solve problems and that it's time for a change to someone who will."

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