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Price Statement on Second Anniversary of the President's Health Care Law


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) issued the following statement ahead of the second anniversary of the president's health care law.

"Over the course of the past two years, the American people have learned more about the president's health care law and the empty promises he and Democrats in Washington made while they worked behind closed doors to force this law through Congress," said Chairman Price. "We were told that individuals would see their premiums go down and that folks could keep the coverage they had. These empty promises are turning into broken promises, and right now the American people are stuck with a law shamelessly built on budget gimmicks, expanded Washington power, and higher taxes that will take health care choices away from Americans.

"The American people, not Washington bureaucrats, should determine for themselves the kind of health care coverage that best suits their needs, as well as be empowered to make their health care decisions in consultation with their families and doctors. The president's law threatens access to health care choices and degrades the doctor-patient relationship. For seniors who rely on Medicare for their vital health and retirement security, the president's current law raids the program by more than $500 billion and empowers a board of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to effectively deny care.

"House Republicans stand with the American people when we say this law should be repealed. We believe there are positive, patient-centered solutions to our nation's health care challenges. Rather than putting Uncle Sam in the driver's seat, our solutions put patients in control. Full repeal of the president's health care law is the first step in bringing those solutions to the American people."

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