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Pelosi Remarks at Congressional Democrats Press Stakeout on Senate Transportation Bill

Location: Washington, DC

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats held a press stakeout today urging the House Republican leadership to take up the bipartisan Senate Transportation bill. Below is a transcript of the Leader's opening remarks:

"Good morning.

"It is a personal and official privilege to welcome Chairwoman Barbara Boxer back to the House side of the Capitol, especially so that we can salute her for her leadership on the transportation bill, which we are here to support.

"I'm pleased to be here with the distinguished Democratic Whip Mr. Hoyer, Chairman Nick Rahall, Congressman Tim Bishop, Congressman Peter DeFazio. We have come together to call upon House Republicans to act on America's top priority: the creation of jobs. Democrats are putting this opportunity on the table, demanding a vote on the bipartisan transportation bill that passed the Senate last week 74 to 22. We want all Members of the House to go on record: do they want to create jobs, or do they want to destroy jobs?

"Once again, we have a scenario where there's bipartisan agreement in the Senate -- overwhelming. Seventy-four Democrats and Republicans agreeing on a transportation bill under the leadership of Chairwoman Boxer and Senator Inhofe, the Ranking Member of her committee, the Republican Ranking Member of the committee.

"Once again, the White House is well disposed, Senate Republicans and Democrats have come together, House Democrats support the Senate bill, and the Republicans in the House have painted themselves into an extreme position. Again, we are saying: "let's join together in a bipartisan fashion,' honoring the tradition that has always been the case for the transportation bill. This bill is a job creator: it creates, or saves, more than two million jobs, puts construction workers back to work in all 50 states, invests in public transit, highways, roads and bridges, rebuilds America.

"Part of our "Make It In America ,' [initiative] reigniting the American Dream -- rebuild America. Transportation has long been an area defined by bipartisan cooperation, and we are proud to see the Senate act in that tradition, passing the bill by a vote of 74 to 22 -- the strong Democratic and Republican support, under the leadership of our very special guest today, Chairwoman Barbara Boxer of California."

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