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Issue Position: Economy & Jobs

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Our Country needs to put of a big sign that reads, "Open for Business!" . . . and we need to mean it. Below is a list of problems along with solutions that I support to help get us out of this mess.

Problem: Bureaucracy and Over-Regulation Limit Innovation and Investment

Solution: Cut the Bureaucracy and Regulations

American innovation will get us out of this recession, but the next Henry Ford or Steve Jobs won't be picked by a Washington bureaucrat. Instead, he or she will be forced to persevere despite the bureaucrats' meddling. More regulations create more bureaucrat jobs but kill real innovation by driving startup costs through the roof. To end the system of high priced, job killing, do-nothing bureaucracy, we must cut its funding. The problem is that the career politicians in Washington work in tandem with the bureaucrats and have a vested interest in feeding and growing the bureaucracy. The best thing that we can do to end this system is to vote out the bureaucrats' biggest allies, the career politicians. If we want new jobs and new industries, we need to eliminate barriers by voting out the career politicians!

Problem: High Taxes Limit Investment in the United States

Solution: Cut Taxes Now

We need to cut taxes now. High taxes make it cheaper to do business in foreign countries. Along with cutting regulations, we can make the business environment in the US more competitive by cutting taxes.

Problem: High Federal Spending Mortgages Our Kid's Futures and Hurts US Credit

Solution: Make Real Spending Cuts

We need to make the painful cuts now or our future and the futures of our kids and grandkids will be lost. About 36% of our Federal budget was borrowed in fiscal year 2011, increasing our debt by about $1.3 trillion. Yet, most career politicians have voted to raise the debt ceiling and kick the can down the road. Three Federal programs account for the majority of Federal spending. Some career politicians say we should "save" broken programs using accounting gimmicks. Well, the time for gimmicks is over, we need real change now. We must phase out redistributive programs and force those of our allies that are fully industrialized to pay for their fair share of their own defense. We simply cannot afford to keep on our current path. We can make painful cuts now, or have them forced upon us by our foreign creditors later.

Problem: Crony Capitalism Hurts Job Creating Small and Midsized Businesses

Solution: Encourage Investment, Innovation, and Fair Competition by Cutting Corporate Welfare

When government picks winners and losers, giving subsidies to a few select companies, every other person and business pays the difference. The government shouldn't make investments in certain businesses because they have the best lobbyists. Too many politicians are bought and sold that way and it rarely produces the most efficient outcome. It certainly doesn't lead to innovation by lone entrepreneurs or small businesses that hire local workers. What corporate welfare promotes is the use of capital, not wise investment. Instead of government providing incentives to specific businesses or industries, it should return the money it has taken from individuals and small businesses. Once the playing field is evened, then the market can decide who has the best ideas.

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