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Statement of Rep. Tim Ryan on the Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) issued the following statement today on the Republican budget:

"The 'new' Republican budget is remarkably similar to last year's Republican budget, with one major difference -- the new version is even worse for middle-class Americans who are just starting to regain their footing after one of the worst economic periods in our country's history. The Republican budget abdicates any responsibility to create jobs, rebuild the country's infrastructure and adequately fund the education of our children. This budget shows that Congressional Republicans have learned nothing from the last ten years, and gives a clear picture of their priorities: the wealthy get lower taxes while the middle class and seniors get higher taxes and higher Medicare costs.

"At this critical moment in our economic recovery, we need to invest in rebuilding our nation and providing high paying jobs for our middle class. We need to chart a clear course for the future, and the Republican budget doesn't do any of this, setting us back in our efforts to improve the economy by underfunding needed investments, and purposely distracting the country from finding real solutions. This plan was created to re-create the divisiveness we saw last year in Congress, and I am certain the American people will reject it just as soundly this year as they did last year. I continue to hope that we can use the budget process to work together to come up with smart, bold solutions for the challenges we face. We can start by defeating the Republican budget."

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