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Issue Position: Missouri Values

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Kyle Yarber is for:

* Policies that serve the long-term good for all instead of just the short-term profits for the few.

* Government which strikes the balance the framers of the U.S. Constitution intended, strong enough to protect citizens and their rights and liberties, but limited enough so as to not intrude upon those rights and liberties.

* A balanced budget to reduce the national debt that will increasingly become a crippling burden on future generations of Americans, an anchor to the economy, and a danger to national security.

* Policies that support the rights of working people to collective bargaining, safe working conditions, and fair compensation, and that encourage American industry to keep jobs in America.

* A public education system, second to none in the world, that supports and renews the spirit that made America the most innovative and industrious nation in history, and lets teachers get back to the job of preparing our young people to assume their place as citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

* Genuine support and respect for military personnel, police, fire fighters, and other first responders by, first, never sending them into harm's way needlessly, but, if it is absolutely necessary, then taking care of them and their families through and after the sacrifices they make to serve and protect the rest of us.

* An amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly stating that the rights and protections of American citizenship, especially those equating campaign contributions with free speech, apply only to persons and not to created entities of incorporation.

* Government as a proper regulatory body, taking necessary preemptive action so tax money need never be spent recalling unsafe food and consumer products, bailing out Wall Street, financial firms, and industry, and cleaning up preventable environmental disasters.

* Policies promoting and encouraging sustainable practices in energy, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and economic growth to insure that the country we leave behind is one worth passing on to our children and grandchildren.

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