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Carter Rates Perfect Congressional Scorecard for International Religious Freedom

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Texas Congressman John Carter (R-TX31) is one of only 10 Members of the 435-Member U.S. House of Representatives who scored a perfect 10 from Open Doors USAin defending international religious freedom.

Carter voted to support religious freedom on all legislation scored by the non-profit organization during the first session of the 112th Congress. While Open Doors USA is a Christian organization, the Congressional Scorecard includes votes to protect the rights of multiple faiths worldwide.

"Religious freedom is more than a part of our Bill of Rights," says Carter. "It was a major catalyst for the founding of our nation even before the Constitution was written, as people from all over the world came here to escape religious wars and persecution for their faith. Our First Amendment right to worship freely remains a beacon of hope for people of faith worldwide. I will continue to use my votes in this body to work for a day on which these freedoms will extend to all mankind, in every nation."

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