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Issue Position: Fix Immigration

Issue Position

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Controlling our borders is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the federal government, a responsibility in which they have failed. Because of this failure, illegal immigration has become a national security threat. It is also extraordinarily expensive, costing tens of millions in health care and education costs.

There is also a moral argument to border enforcement in that it is fundamentally unfair to those who are waiting, sometimes for years, for the chance to enter our country legally.

The answer to the problem of illegal immigration is fairly straightforward.

o Enforce the security of our borders by all means necessary
o Enforce current laws by prosecuting those who are involved with identity theft, Social Security fraud, and other criminal activities.
o Reduce the economic incentive to enter our country illegally by instituting an E-Verify program. This will also ensure that employers know who they are hiring, fulfilling their responsibility to the security of the nation as well as to their other employees.
o Never allow a pathway for citizenship for anyone who has entered the country illegally. Require those who have entered the country illegally to return to their country of origin and go through the legal immigration process before they are allowed citizenship.

* Do not allow local communities to aid and abet illegal behavior by providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Cut off all federal law enforcement funds to sanctuary cities.

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