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Rep. Rohrabacher Slams State Department Plan for Release of GITMO Taliban Terrorists; Why is the Obama Administration So Eager to Release Killers?

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) again condemns the Obama Administration for moving closer to releasing five senior insurgent leaders from prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On January 25th Rep. Rohrabacher introduced H. Res. 529, legislation opposing the release of these prisoners until Taliban leader Mullah Omar has been turned over to the U.S.

"It is beyond belief that any President of the United Stated would dream of releasing unrepentant terrorists back into the world," says Rohrabacher. "They have all been involved in killing U.S. soldiers, A CIA agent and innocent Afghan civilians."

The release of the Taliban terrorists is a pre-condition demanded by Omar to open negotiations with the United States. In explaining the talks to his fighters, Omar has called for a "slow down" in attacks to reduce civilian casualties during negotiations. In December, four terrorist bombs killed 78 people in two days in Afghanistan, and bombs have continued to kill civilians this year.

"Mullah Omar's "slow down" is not a cease fire," states Rohrabacher. "When an American soldier kills civilians, it is an act of individual madness condemned by the US government. When the Taliban kill women and children it is matter of policy. That is why they are called terrorists."

"The way to bring peace in Afghanistan is to eliminate Omar, not invite him to tea," says Rohrabacher, noting that it was Omar who rejected the 2001 ultimatum to turn Osama bin Laden over to the U.S. and close al-Qaeda's camps in Afghanistan after the 9-11 attacks. "Omar was an accomplice to the 9/11 attacks and has yet to be held accountable."

The five terrorist leaders now being held will reportedly be relocated to Qatar, where the Taliban are in the process of setting up an international office with U.S. approval. The terrorists demand access to their families while in Qatar. No assurances have been given by them or Hamid Karzai that they will not return to violence. The reason they were in Gitmo is because they are the worst of the worst; unrepentant and irredeemable.

Omar has reportedly told his killers what he expects from the "peace" talks, "Our main goal is the withdrawal of foreign troops and the restoration of the Islamic system." In other words, victory for the Taliban and the return of their theocratic dictatorship which they imposed on Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

On September 25, 2001, Omar said he would not surrender bin Laden, "If we did, it means we are not Muslims... that Islam is finished." Over a decade later, the militancy of Omar and his jihadist movement has not ebbed.

"Rather than empower the Taliban with inept diplomacy, we should be strengthening the Northern Alliance of Afghan ethnic groups who sided with us after 9/11," argues Rohrabacher, "They have the desire to defend their lands against the jihadists; we just need to give them the means."

Two of the Taliban leaders set to be released are Mullah Norullah Noori and Mullah Mohammed Fazl, both of whom The Wall Street Journal reports are suspected by the U.S. government of involvement in the murder of CIA officer Michael Spann in 2001.

"American pre-conditions for talks have always been that the Taliban renounce violence and break with al-Qaeda. They have done neither," says Rohrabacher. "So why is the administration so eager to meet Taliban pre-conditions by releasing killers?"

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