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Issue Position: Values

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Families have been the very cornerstone of American society since the founding of our Nation, and offer essential support to our communities and society. However, the family unit is under attack by some in Congress. We must fight to preserve and strengthen the moral foundation of American culture.

I believe in traditional marriage between a man and a woman and I will fight to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act while also supporting Amendment One at the ballot box on May 8.

I believe in the sanctity of life and have worked hard as a District Attorney for passage of pro-life legislation in North Carolina. As a member of the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, I worked with our North Carolina General Assembly this year for the passage of a bill that makes it a separate criminal offense to cause the death or injury of a fetus resulting from an attack on the mother -- the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

Our public schools must be required to give greater emphasis to the study of our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, American history and the responsibilities of citizenship. Our students must learn about the brave men and women who founded this great country and who fought through the generations to preserve our freedoms.

The First Amendment protects our religious freedom. The freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment gives all of us, Christians and non-Christians alike, the right to speak and write freely about our religions and to use religious symbols. The freedom of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment prohibits the government from interfering with the free exercise of our religion.

In Washington, I will continue to be governed by our system of traditional values upon which our Nation was created and prospered. I will continue the important fight to maintain and support the family as the basic unit of our society, to fight for the sanctity of life, to fight for expanded history and civics education in our public schools and to fight to preserve our freedom of speech and religion.

Religious Freedom

Recently, the Obama Administration has engaged in unprecedented attacks on the First Amendment. First, in the Supreme Court case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Church and School v. EEOC, a Lutheran Church and School in Michigan fired a female minister and teacher. She claimed her firing violated the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Obama's Justice Department took the case, and argued that the First Amendment of the Constitution did not place church ministers in any different status than an employee of a social club, college fraternity, or a union local -- essentially saying that Federal employment law trumps the guaranteed religious freedoms protected by the First Amendment.
In short, the Obama Justice Department rejects the First Amendment protections of religion enjoyed by all Americans. Its argument ignores the importance of a religious institution's ability to hire and fire its ministers free from the interference or restrictions of Federal employment laws. This position is startling due to its attempt to elevate Federal statutory provisions to a level that would supersede a critically important aspect of our constitution. This argument was so extreme that the Supreme Court was unanimous in striking it down.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, as well as all religious people throughout our country should be alarmed and angered by this Administration's disdain and hostility for our constitutionally-protected religious freedoms, made apparent in its argument in this case. By allowing his Attorney General to argue against basic religious freedom the President exhibits more than a simple misunderstanding of the Constitution. It shows his indifference to our constitutionally-protected freedoms when they conflict with his political goals.

Secondly, in equally breathtaking fashion, the Obama Administration has chosen to enforce a little-known clause in the 2000+ page bill that forces religious institutions to provide abortion coverage and contraception to its employees regardless of whether this violates the precepts of the church. This outrageous position would require, as we saw 2 weeks ago, the Catholic Church to pay for and provide its employees with services that it has strongly opposed as a violation of its cannons for millennia. This is another direct attack on constitutionally-protected religious freedom and an attack against religious people throughout our country.

The Obama Administration has set a dangerous precedent and these two examples are likely to be just the beginning of their assault on our constitution and the very fabric of our nation.

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