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Issue Position: Free Enterprise

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The Declaration of Independence expresses our unalienable rights and liberties that arise from our Creator rather than from men or governments. Our Constitution created a governmental structure designed to protect these rights and liberties. Just as governments cannot grant or withhold those human rights and liberties described in the Declaration, governments do not create wealth, prosperity or jobs. They are created in a free enterprise economy. It is our constitutionally protected rights, liberties and free enterprise system that make America exceptional among all nations on Earth.

Today we know that this engine of our free enterprise system is sputtering and in danger of dying because of the actions and policies of our government: the deficit spending that continues to increase the national debt, an unfair tax code that picks economic winners and losers, and suffocating, expensive and unnecessary regulations that hinder the ability of our citizens to sustain and expand existing business, to start new businesses or to compete in the global economy.

The Obama-Pelosi spending programs have failed to bring about an economic recovery. We know the solutions are for government to stop unsustainable deficit spending, reform the tax code, repeal unnecessary regulations and let the private sector do what it does best -- develop new ideas, manufacture products, perform services, build infrastructure.
I'm proud to have served under Republican Governor Jim Martin on the North Carolina State Board of Economic Development. That experience taught me how regulations have a tremendous impact on the ability of our private sector to create jobs, expand plants, and prosper in the future. Right now our federal government is strangling our job creators and it is happening both in Congress and in the executive branch. If I'm elected, I'll bring that perspective and experience with me to Washington so I can ensure our businesses have a voice that understands their concerns.

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