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Blog: I Need Your Vote Today


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As you've already heard, I am seeking the Americans Elect nomination as an Independent candidate. I am pursuing this nomination so that I can build a coalition of support which transcends party lines and includes the very best of America's voices calling for reform and better government. Americans Elect, which will be on all 50 state ballots and requires a bipartisan unity ticket, is our best hope of finding a path to meaningful change. With the power of the people, we can fight the corrupt system and put our country before party and reform before status quo. America's problems are not Democrat or Republican problems that require either/or solutions. We must work together to rebuild our nation, and I humbly ask for your support.

In order to continue this fight, I must get at least 10,000 supporters to vote for me on the Americans Elect website by May 1. The process is free and requires little effort -- similar to registering to vote in your state. Please read the following instructions in order to get started once you visit the Americans Elect site at

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