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Providing For Consideration of H.R. 3606, Jumpstart Our Business STARTUPS Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCHWEIKERT. First, I want to thank my good friend from Texas. I appreciate him yielding me 4 minutes.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the rule and also the underlying bill, and I may have somewhat of a unique perspective here. Being on the Financial Services Committee, we actually started building and moving these bills and working on them, I think, as early as a year ago, last March. So almost everything that's in here has been well vetted, well understood, even down to the amendments and the concepts and the discussion from the last year.

And why is it important, doing this JOBS Act and bringing it together, in many ways, as a single piece of legislation? Because conceptually, they all link together. It is about capital formation. It is about those small-growth companies that create the next wave of employment.

Let's face it, this truly is about jobs. It is about economic growth. The creativity we need in our economy that creates that next generation of excitement and employment comes from the types of business that need access to capital, and these are the very ones that this bill moves forward.

There's also another point that I hope sort of moves universally from right to left here. I'm one of the believers that capital formation is going to look very different in the future. You know, the old days of you go find an angel investor, and then you go find VC capital, and then you go public, are going to look different. Some of this is because of Dodd-Frank. Some of this is because of what's happened in the regulatory environment.
And the beauty of this legislation is going to provide opportunity and options, particularly for those growing employers, those small companies that want to grow, want to employ in my home district in Arizona.

Mr. POLIS. Mr. Speaker, if we defeat the previous question, we'll offer an amendment to the rule to provide that, immediately after the House adopts this rule, it will bring up Mr. Bishop's bill, H.R. 1748, the Taxpayer and Gas Price Relief Act and that would simply do it, in addition to this bill, with broad bipartisan support. I know there is also broad bipartisan concern about gas prices, a very substantial issue that many on my side of the aisle, Mr. Bishop included, would like to do something about so that American consumers have more of their money to take home.

So to talk about his proposal, I yield 3 minutes to the gentleman from New York (Mr. Bishop).


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