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Jump Start Our Business Start Ups Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LYNCH. I want to thank the gentleman for yielding.

The gentleman from Minnesota has a very good amendment here. Here is what we're talking about.

This would strengthen title I by keeping in place the requirement that all public companies, including emerging growth companies, hold a nonbinding shareholder vote on executive compensation and golden parachutes once every 3 years. One vote. They're having a meeting anyway. These are the companies that we know the least about. We support the underlying bill, but we think that requiring a nonbinding vote once every 3 years is good for the shareholders.

The question is: Will this inhibit the operation of these emerging growth companies? No, it will not.

I think the gentleman from Minnesota has a great amendment here. These are the companies we know the least about. They have the shortest track records. These shareholders and investors are taking a leap of faith, and this would allow them to have a vote on the CEO salaries and also on the golden parachutes, so I ask Members to support the amendment.


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