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Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BURTON of Indiana. I thank my colleague from Texas, and I would like to say that she is a pleasure to travel with. She is a real gentlelady.

The reason I take the floor for just a couple of minutes is one of our dearest friends in the Capitol is a fellow named Joe Quattrone. He is a barber down in the House barber shop, and on March 1 he celebrated 42 years cutting hair in the Capitol of the United States. He came to the United States when he was 18 years old from Italy. He said he has lived the American Dream, and he's one of the nicest people that I think you'll ever meet.

Everybody who has ever worked with him or had their hair cut by Joe understands that he is a very caring person and one that they respect. He has cut the hair of every Speaker of the House except two--Nancy Pelosi, and I don't think she goes to the men's barber shop; and John Boehner, the current Speaker. And I'm going to talk to Speaker Boehner as soon as we get back from break and get him down there so Joe can say he's cut every Speaker's hair since he has been a barber at the House barber shop.

He has cut the hair of Vice Presidents, Presidents, the President of Italy, the Secretary of Transportation, ambassadors, Governors, admirals, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; but his favorite person, besides me, is Tip O'Neill, the Speaker of the House when Tip was the Speaker sometime back.

He worked before he came here at Andrews Air Force Base and the Pentagon.

I would just like to say to Joe the Barber, because I'm going to give him a copy of this floor statement, Madam Speaker, that he has been a credit to the institution of Congress. He is liked by everybody who has ever been in his chair, and I just want to congratulate him on 42 years of working here in the Capitol. And I don't think anybody has ever complained about him. He's really a nice guy. He started March 1, 1970, and he's here now 42 years later.

I just say Joe, congratulations. I'll be down to see you in 2 weeks.

Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas. I was very happy to yield to the gentleman, and I indicated to you in the spirit of bipartisanship, although I've not had the privilege of having Joe cut my hair, let me congratulate Joe the Barber because he is the epitome of a public servant. He has worked for this august institution for 42 years, and I'm very proud to say that he can claim that he has cut the hair of all of our Speakers. And I don't think our Speaker, who has outstanding Italian heritage, our former Speaker, Speaker Pelosi, would in any way shy away from congratulating this distinguished gentleman who came to this country and literally is a walking, if you will, American Dream.

So I want to congratulate you, Joe the Barber, on behalf of a bipartisan Congress and join my colleague, Mr. Burton, in congratulating you for your service. You are truly a public servant, an inspiration to all of your family members, and we wish you a long life.

Again, congratulations for 42 years to Joe the Barber.

With that, I will continue my remarks and thank the Speaker.


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