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Tampa Bay Online - Disney announces plans to hire more than 1,000 veterans

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Location: Tampa, FL

By Unknown

In an effort to help veterans returning from active duty and to "recognize and honor" their service, The Walt Disney Company announced plans today to provide at least 1,000 career opportunities for returning veterans.

"Heroes Work Here" is a company-wide initiative that is aimed at hiring, training and supporting veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life. It calls for Disney to provide at least 1,000 jobs and career opportunities over the next three years, support families, and launch a public awareness campaign to encourage other companies to hire veterans.

"As a new generation of America's military men and women transition into civilian life, we are increasing our commitment and support for these modern day heroes," Robert A. Iger, Disney President and CEO, said today at the company's annual shareholder meeting in Kansas City. "It's a measure of our respect for how much they have sacrificed on our behalf, and our sincere gratitude for their extraordinary contributions to this country."

Disney also announced plans to invest in select non-profit organizations that provide training and other support services, and employees will raise public awareness by participating in service projects with veterans organizations throughout the country.

The Heroes Work Here program will span all segments of Disney's operations, including ESPN and Disney Parks and Resorts.

Information about the program and other available positions can be found at the Disney careers website.

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