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Issue Position: Freedom

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The principal that founded our great nation is that of freedom. Many lives have been sacrificed to obtain, support, maintain and preserve our freedom. Freedom is the primary factor that allows our Democracy to work. Our freedom is envied by most of world's people, and hated by others. Many people, in the past and still today, abandon their homes, their families, their heritage, and risk their lives and that of their families to seek the freedom that we enjoy here in America. Every time Congress passes a bill, implements a regulation, or forces an industry reform, they are chipping away at the base of our democracy, the cornerstone of our America, the building block of our society, namely, our freedom. I firmly believe that all bills to be presented to Congress should be written in a manner that the average American citizen can read it, and understand it.

I also believe that before any legislation is voted on, it should be thoroughly read, understood, discussed, presented to the American people, and considered in the context of how it promotes a continuation or expansion of the Freedom of the America People.

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