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Jump Start Our Business Startups Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GARRETT. I thank the Chair and I thank the gentleman from Texas as well.

I also rise to express support for the JOBS Act today.

I strongly believe that the JOBS Act will ease the burden of capital formation on the entrepreneurial growth companies that have traditionally served as the U.S. economy's primary job creators and provide a larger pool of investors with access to information and investment options on these companies that currently doesn't exist.

With venture capital fundraising basically stagnant and the IPO market largely closed off, innovative start-up companies who can't have access to the capital market they need have been forced literally to delay research on promising medical and scientific and technological breakthroughs, and that has hurt our economy and our global competitiveness because emerging companies need capital. Developing medical cures to help people live longer and healthier and more productive lives needs capital; developing technology to improve the speed of communication needs capital; and developing alternative energy technologies to reduce our dependence on foreign sources requires capital.

With the passage of this bill, we will provide those companies with the innovation and creativity needed in the marketplace which is essential to keeping American companies competitive with a cost-effective means to access that capital and keep this country at the forefront of medical, scientific, and technological breakthroughs.

Economic growth occurs when companies go public. Just recently I met with the New Jersey Technology Council, and they stressed the importance of removing the regulatory burdens of bringing companies they invest in to market. And the JOBS bill does that. It restores that innovation for early-stage investors to provide the capital that America's entrepreneurs need.

So we do this by chipping away at the albatross of regulations that have strangled and held back the IPO market since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley law. This bill provides America's entrepreneurs with access to the capital that they need to basically go after and seek their dreams. It provides the venture capital investors with the exit strategy they need to help make their dreams a reality and create a welcoming environment.


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