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Jump Start Our Business Startups Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McHENRY. Madam Chairman, I want to thank my colleague, Mr. Hensarling, for his leadership on the Financial Services Committee, and I want to thank my colleague, Mr. Fincher, for offering the legislation before us today.

The American people understand that entrepreneurship is at a record low, that it's actually at a 17-year low in the United States. We know that small businesses create the majority of new jobs in our country and have done so for generations. We also know that we have record unemployment. We've had 8 percent unemployment for a record 36 months at that very high level. It's not acceptable. We have to do something.

Now, we cannot fix everything in one piece of legislation. This idea that you can have just simply a large bill that fixes all the problems in the world simply is not in accordance with American history or what the American people want and desire.

But we also know, and the American people understand, especially small business folks and entrepreneurs understand, that red tape gets in the way of job creation. We saw with the Dodd-Frank Act that it restricts lending and makes it more costly to get lending. If you talk to small business folks, their one biggest complaint is a restriction on access to capital. That's on the debt side.

We also see that we have regulations and laws written in 1933 and 1934 in an era when the telephone was the new technology of the day.

We need to update those regulations. That is at the heart of what this JOBS Act does. It doesn't simply say about debt fundraising; it says on the equity side that you can go around the red tape and actually allow the average, everyday investor access to the capital markets and the new, great ideas of the future.

This is what the legislation is about. I urge my colleagues to vote for it, and I ask my colleagues to move forward on this, especially in the Senate.


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