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Governor Walker Signs Wisconsin Wins Legislation

Press Release

Location: Madison, WI

Today Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill (AB) 450 into law, which is also known as Wisconsin Wins legislation. This new law allows Wisconsinites receiving unemployment benefits to take part-time training jobs with employers potentially looking for full-time employment.

"This legislation will help place job seekers directly into the workplace for on the job training," said Governor Walker. "It is fitting that we're signing this law at a company that would be able to utilize this kind of program. State Representative Mark Honadel and Senator Van Wanggaard did a fantastic job authoring and providing leadership on this important bill."

JX Peterbilt has been in communication with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to discuss implementing the new employment training options that were made available because of this law.

AB 450 is the second piece of Wisconsin Working legislation the Governor signed into law. Last week he signed legislation that allows veterans to apply certain military education, training and other experiences for the purposes of satisfying certain requirements for a professional credential. The third legislative component of the Governor's Wisconsin Working plan is on its way to the Governor's desk after passing the legislature.

In January the Governor introduced his Wisconsin Working plan. After the Administration's Special Cabinet on Economic and Workforce Investment listened to job creators, job seekers and government officials, they recommended policy changes and agency collaboration to ensure job seekers connect with current job needs, while building the skills necessary for family-supporting jobs.

Non-legislative components of the Governor's Wisconsin Working plan included actions to improve workforce training and help match job seekers with jobs.

Specifically, the Governor created the College and Workforce Readiness council to help improve student readiness for college and careers through a variety of measures, including designing shorter and less costly degree programs aimed at filling high-need positions. In addition, the Council will look at ways to expand dual enrollment and dual credit opportunities for high school students, allowing them to earn college and workforce training credits while in high school.

The Wisconsin Working plan also doubled the number of job fairs held by the Department of Workforce Development and directing the department to hire an additional fourteen staff to assist in reemployment services.

Last year, the DWD held approximately fifty job fairs. This year, they will hold at least 100 jobs fairs throughout the state. DWD's additional staffers will help serve another 350-400 unemployment insurance (UI) claimants each week in their job searches. The additional staff will hold training sessions, perform skills tests and certifications for work readiness, perform employer matching, career assistance, align the unemployed to job fairs, and provide follow up services among other duties aimed at matching the unemployed to jobs.

In addition to the increased efforts by DWD, the WDVA was also directed to expand its efforts to help veterans find jobs.

The Department will hold fourteen job fairs this year in conjunction with DWD. Governor Walker directed WDVA to proactively reach out to unemployed veterans in order to align them with job placement assistance. About 3,000 veterans will be contacted immediately. WDVA will also partner with the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) to organize an employer educational seminar to inform employers of the benefits of hiring veterans.

The Governor also directed WDVA to partner with Milicruit to create a Wisconsin specific platform to hold online job fairs for veterans.

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