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Issue Position: Religious Freedom

Issue Position


The current Administration has launched an attack against religious Freedom like none other since this nation was established under the Constitution, as amended, and the Bill of Rights. Since many in this administration say they are affiliated with religious organizations although they reject certain principles of those religions, is it surprising that they rely on the Constitution except for those things upon which they disagree? Craftily, they have written laws that have thousands of pages which they hurried through the legislative process without time for anybody to read leaving "booby traps" that are intentionally misleading and difficult to translate. They then, instead of specifically calling these out, give the Executive the authority to interpret these vague statements and write specific rules which often conflict with the Constitution. What we have is a transfer of the Constitutional authority of the Legislative Branch to the Executive. Now we have a President that intends to tell Religions what their principles may or may not be. He has taken away the free practice of religion that is provided to us under the First Amendment to the Constitution. This practice must be stopped because this Administration acts more like a Dictatorship than a Republic flaunting the true meaning of the Constitution.

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