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Public Statements

Affirming Support for the State of Israel

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PALAZZO. Madam Speaker, like many of my colleagues, I have visited the State of Israel. I have walked the streets of Jerusalem, and I have seen firsthand the beauty of its people, its culture, and its incredible history and heritage.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded us of that heritage last night as he addressed a crowd of thousands, and I know he is on Capitol Hill again today sending the same message: serious threats have been made towards Israel, and Israel must take threats seriously, especially when dealing with a madman working toward a nuclear weapon.

No one wants a war in an area where world peace rests on such a delicate balance. No one wants to have to initiate unnecessary aggression. I have supported sanctions. I have supported resolutions of disapproval. I want to believe that Iran's offer today to allow U.N. weapons inspectors in means that they have nothing to hide.

If our friends in Israel decide to act, I know it will not be a decision made lightly nor without good reason. I urge my colleagues to join me in affirming our support of Israel, not just to stand behind her but to stand beside her.

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