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Issue Position: Tax Reform

Issue Position

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The very nature of government involves individuals giving up some of their liberties in return for the comfort of their life, liberty, and property being protected. Although the government can charge fees for the services it provides, as governments start spending more than necessary, representatives decide to tax citizens more than necessary. America is no different.

Washington loves spending money. The more Washington wants to spend, the more it wants to tax the American people. This has proven true starting with the ratification of the 16th amendment and creation of the income tax in 1913. What started as a promise that only the wealthiest would be taxed a small percentage has turned into a tax code nearly 16,000 pages long! This not only takes the American peoples' money, it is so large and complicated for every American that it places a huge burden on our economy.

With the American economy struggling with uncertainty, it is time to step up and make the changes necessary in Washington. I have consistently voted against new taxes and increases of federal tax rates, but we need to take actions that remove the cumbersome hand of the federal government, under our current system. The current tax system is extremely complicated and inundated with exemptions and credits, which allows Washington to pick winners and losers in America. I support and cosponsor multiple short fixes, such as repealing two taxes under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, H.R. 4, which repeal the 1099 tax requirement and H.R. 2092, which repeals the excise tax on indoor tanning services, as well as cosponsoring the Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act and the Teacher Tax Deduction Act of 2011. But we need real comprehensive reform.

Americans need revolutionary tax reform that takes a first step in bringing jobs and economic prosperity back to America by ushering in a new system that is simple, fair, transparent, and equitable. Such reforms may include replacing all taxes on income with a single rate consumption tax on new purchases at the retail level, making taxes simple fair, and transparent to the public. I also support other tax reforms, such as moving toward a uniform income tax rate, as well as cutting taxes across the board, but true reform is necessary for a prosperous American economy.

I will continue to fight and it is my hope that others in Congress will join with me to deliver real results.

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