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Congressman Rivera Expresses Disappointment at Galway, Ireland Proposal to Erect Statue of Ché Guevara


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement regarding a proposal to erect a statue of Ernesto "Ché" Guevara in Galway, Ireland.

"Ché Guevara was a ruthless murderer who came from outside of Cuba to help the Castro brothers in a violent take over to establish a dictatorial regime that is still terrorizing the Cuban people 53 years later. He was a mercenary with no regard for human life or civil rights as he tried to spread his brand of socialism throughout the world. It is disheartening and a great disappointment that Galway, Ireland would consider paying homage to a man whose true legacy is one of cold-blooded execution and hatred of freedom-loving people all over the world. The Galway City Council should reject this proposal out of respect for Guevara's victims, as well as Ireland's rich history of preserving rights and freedoms."

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