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Sullivan Challenges Obama's Record on Gas Prices


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John Sullivan, Vice Chairman of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee, offered the following statement for the record as the panel held a hearing to examine rising gas prices. According to AAA, gas prices have risen or stayed the same for 39 consecutive days. The text of Sullivan's statement is below:

"Every community I visit in my district is concerned about rising gasoline prices -- especially with the summer travel season right around the corner.

According to AAA, the average gasoline prices has increased or stayed the same for 39 consecutive days. The sad fact is that that gas prices have risen a whopping 83% since President Obama took office. It is evident that his Administration has no plan for energy security and they continue to ignore the severity of our addiction to foreign oil.

Our nation spends at least $1 billion per day overseas for foreign oil - when the fact of the matter is that that we have ample oil and gas resources here in our own backyard. With rising gasoline prices, it is in both of our economic and national security interests to remove regulatory barriers that will increase our supply of oil right here at home.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has taken four specific actions - just in the last few weeks - that will result in price of gas to continue to rise even further and lead to greater uncertainty in the world oil markets.

1) President Obama rejected the House passed Keystone XL pipeline - he had 3 years to approve it, but caved to the left wing environmentalists who don't want it. Now 700 thousand barrels of North American oil sits on the sidelines, putting U.S. energy security at risk.

2) President Obama's budget proposal rolled out last month unfairly targets oil and gas producers with billions in punitive tax increases.

3) Last month, President Obama announced his plan for tax reform, which skews the tax code to further punish American oil and gas producers.

4) The Obama Administration has ten different federal agencies considering ways to over regulate hydraulic fracturing, a process we use to get oil and natural gas out of the ground. Their actions will potentially make exploration for oil and natural gas economically prohibitive on both public and private lands.

While the Obama Administration continues to turn their back on jobs and energy security, I will keep supporting legislation that will grow our economy and alleviate the pain at the pump for American consumers.

Three weeks ago, the House passed the Protecting Investment in Oil Shale the Next Generation of Environmental, Energy, and Resource Security Act (The PIONEERS Act).

Simply put, this bill accomplishes two goals: It approves the privately funded Keystone XL pipeline AND it will create over 1 million jobs by removing government barriers that block production of American made energy resources by forcing the Obama Administration to move forward with new offshore and onshore energy production in areas like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska, and on federal lands and waters. I call on the Senate and President Obama to support this common sense energy legislation.

I am pleased to see the diverse set of witnesses here today to talk about how they are working to increase American oil production in spite of the Obama Administration's regulatory actions to curtail it, and to discuss solutions we can take to increase American energy security."

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