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Say Yes to Jobs


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Hardworking Floridians across our state are looking for actions to create jobs, grow our local economy, and restore financial confidence for their friends and loved ones. It doesn't take more than one fill-up at the pump to realize that rising energy and gas prices threaten to put a serious dent in family budgets and business's bottom lines, ultimately reducing the consumer confidence and certainty needed to revitalize our economy. Fortunately, there are immediate actions that can be taken to help bring down energy prices. Unfortunately, the Administration and some in the Senate continue to block these solutions to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil and bring down the price at your local pump.

The passivity of the Administration on American energy creation is most recently highlighted by the lack of action on the Keystone XL Pipeline, an initiative that creates American energy with American workers. Even the Administration's own Energy Secretary, Steven Chu said, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." As prices near $4.00 across Central Florida, and continue to climb, this sentiment is highly irresponsible and is a testament to exactly how out-of-touch Washington bureaucrats can be to the struggles of the hardworking middle-class.

Central Floridians should not be faced with the prospect of European gas prices like the $9.24 per gallon in Italy, $8.36 per gallon in Germany, and $8.33 per gallon in France. We need actions right now to bring our prices down and prevent any initiatives that bring us closer to European prices. The graphic below gives you a glimpse at the dangerous road we are driving down without immediate actions to create energy right here in America with our own hardworking job-seekers:

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