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Number 1 Priority is Putting Our Great Nation Back to Work


Location: Washington, DC

I spent much of last week meeting with workers, business leaders, and local elected officials throughout the Second Congressional District. The topic was the same each time: How can private industry put this great nation of ours back to work?

In Portsmouth, I was told that a multibillion-dollar investment could result in a steel manufacturing plant that would employ 2,500 people -- and could lead to the creation of 25,000 related jobs in the region. After discussing details with Scioto County commissioners, business executives, and representatives of the local workforce, I toured the site where the plant would be built.

While President Obama wants to stimulate the economy by spending your tax dollars to create temporary jobs, I believe the proper role of government is to foster confidence among those in the private sector so business leaders aren't afraid to risk investing in job creation.

We can't work our way out of this economic mess through deficit spending that adds to our national debt, and I oppose raising taxes on hard-working Americans.

I believe one of the best ways to help job creators is to reduce or eliminate regulations that hamper their efforts.

During my first Women's CEO Summit at my district office in Cincinnati last week, local business leaders shared with me their concerns and suggestions regarding job creation.

One woman, who teamed up with a friend to start a small business more than 20 years ago, said the venture had been so successful that the two women now employ more than 100 people. But she shared her concern that the president's health-care initiative could place a serious financial strain on the company.

Another woman, who oversees a company with more than 1,500 employees, told me that federal regulations on the financial industry are making it difficult for some businesses to get loans. That makes it tough to expand operations, which would grow the economy and create jobs, I was told.

Also last week, I spoke to about 100 workers at a plant in Clermont County that manufactures equipment used by the U.S. military. Their work product safeguards our fighters in Afghanistan and other hotspots around the globe. A weak economy could ultimately weaken our military, executives at the plant told me.

In Hamilton County, during a tour of a plant with more than 100 workers who make glass-related products, the owner told me he is concerned about President Obama's new budget proposal. The owner also has a small plant in China, and profits from that overseas venture help him reinvest in his local operation, I was told.

Threats of unnecessarily high taxes -- coupled with burdensome new regulations and excessive government spending -- slow economic growth.

These are all serious issues. If we want to get our economy moving again, job creators need to know what the costs of doing business are going to be.

The Number 1 priority needs to be getting America back to work.

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