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Applying Countervailing Duty Provisions to Nonmarket Economy Countries

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ROHRABACHER. I rise in favor of H.R. 4105 because we need to have every tool we can muster to fight China's unfair trade practices, which not only steal markets and jobs from American producers, but also provides Beijing with a means to finance its military buildup and expanding influence around the world.

This bill should not have been necessary. It overturns a faulty court decision that claimed U.S. law prohibits the Department of Commerce from applying countervailing duties to nonmarket economies. Yet nonmarket economies, where the government directs business through trade subsidies, national planning and state ownership of firms, this is where the greatest abuses occur that distort the market.

Unfortunately, our system to combat trade abuses and unfair foreign practices does not work. We have had a massive transfer, which is evident, when we see that we have had a massive historic transfer of wealth from the American people to China over these last few decades. That policy should have been corrected long ago to prevent this deprivation of the American people.

Furthermore, this bill allows the Commerce Department to adjust actions to avoid future negative findings by the World Trade Organization. Again, this should not be necessary because China should not be part of the World Trade Organization. It is not a market economy and thus should have been denied membership. It has not lived up to its obligations of WTO membership, and thus Beijing should not be made a stakeholder in world affairs.

It remains an aggressive, communist dictatorship that supports every rogue enemy of the United States. It is the world's number one proliferator of nuclear technology and the number one abuser of human rights. It is a land of cronyism, corruption, and repression. We should not be helping a country ruled by this kind of government grow while we stagnate.


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