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Transcript of Pelosi, House Leaders Press Availability with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu


Location: Unknown

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Speaker John Boehner, and Members of the House leadership held a press availability in the Capitol today with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Below is a transcript of Leader Pelosi's remarks:

"Thank you Mr. Speaker. I'm pleased to join you in welcoming our distinguished guest, the Prime Minister of the Jewish state of Israel, once again, to the Capitol of the United States. I associate myself with your remarks in terms of our commitment to the security of Israel, our strategic partner[ship] is mutually beneficial to both of our countries.

"Rejecting containment of Iran and stopping them, preventing them from having a nuclear weapon, is in our interests, it's in the interests of Israel, and the region. It would be a threat to the United States and to the world. And so, we have to be very clear about the fact that stopping the spread of nuclear weapons has been a pillar of U.S. foreign policy. Democratic and Republican Presidents have supported that.

"So this is about Israel, our relationship with them, our support for their security, preserving and strengthening the qualitative military edge, the commitment that we have to foreign cooperation with Israel, in terms of military and other assistance. It's a relationship that has shared values and shared vision, as you said last night, Mr. Prime Minister, is one that is a source of pride to us, and I always like to take the opportunity to say that the establishment of the state of Israel was one of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century.

"We take pride in America to be within minutes recognizing the state of Israel. And that state of Israel is our good friend in the region. And you are our good friend, to this Congress, welcome."

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