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The JOBS Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HENSARLING. Madam Speaker, the President's policies have failed and, indeed, made our economy worse. For three straight years, unemployment has been above 8 percent, and the Congressional Budget Office predicts now that will last through 2014, the worst period of sustained high unemployment since the Great Depression.

America has a deficit of jobs because America's job creators have a deficit of confidence in this administration. New business startups are at an almost 17-year low, and that's why House Republicans have a plan for America's job creators that will help ease the President's job-killing policies.

Our plan will continue to unfold this week when the House votes on the actual JOBS Act to help small businesses and entrepreneurs access vital equity capital and put Americans back to work. The bill does exactly what the President's own job council recommends. It's time, for once, to work together to pass the bipartisan JOBS Act and give the American people the jobs and recovery they deserve.

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