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Congressman Cantor Discusses Bipartisan Support for the JOBS Act & Iran On FOX, CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg


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Jobs Come From Decisions Made By Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, Not Decision Made In Washington. "Common sense says let's help small businesses start up again in America. People in America know that jobs do not come from decisions made in Washington. Jobs come from the decision of entrepreneurs and investors to go ahead and start creating businesses again. We've got a bill coming to the floor today, we'll vote on it tomorrow, which has bipartisan support and counters the President's notion that we need certain people to succeed and others not to. In fact, the White House has issued a statement of support to our JOBS Act, it's the Jumpstart Our Business Startups bill. It removes red tape and allows entrepreneurs to get out from under the burdensome regulation that's standing in the way of business startups in this country so we can see jobs created again." FOX & Friends

There Is A Window Of Opportunity To Pass The JOBS Act. "There seems to be a window of opportunity around our JOBS Act. It's the Jumpstart Our Business Startups bill. This bill goes directly to the issue that is confounding small businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and investors. It's too difficult right now to start up a business, to retain and create jobs. What this bill does is it removes some of the red tape to allow entrepreneurial activity to flourish and investment to start so we can see jobs created." CNBC Squawk Box

Let's Work Together To Get The Economy Back On Track. "Yesterday what we heard from the White House was that the President supports the JOBS Act. We are looking to make sure that Harry Reid follows through on what the President is asking, which is let's see if we can produce results all together. Let's make sure that, Republican or Democrat, that we are all in it for the American people so we can do something to produce results to get this economy back on track and create some jobs." Bloomberg

The President Supports The JOBS Act, It's Up To Senator Reid To Act. "It will be Harry Reid's job to answer and even answer the President. The President has issued his statement of support to the JOBS Act which will be voted on by the House tomorrow. I hope that Harry Reid will join us in the House and the President to pass the JOBS Act as quickly as possible. We can't wait, we've got to get small businesses back into the game. This is a bill that will help us do that…We've got a chance to actually produce some results for people looking for a growing economy, for people looking for a job. Let's get on board with the President, as well as the House, and get something done."FOX & Friends

The U.S. & Israel Need Stronger Presidential Leadership On Iran. "We understand that Iran's quest for nuclear capability is a threat to U.S. interests in the Middle East and Central Asia region. It is an existential threat to our ally Israel. The problem that we're seeing is there's not a lot of certainty coming out of the President or the Administration on this issue. I recently returned from a visit to the Persian Gulf and visited with those countries there. The Arab governments are questioning the resolve of the White House and the Administration to do what needs to be done. It's not just the nuclear quest that Iran is on, it is its destabilizing acts throughout the region that America has just not been there the way it has before. That's the question of leadership that this President is facing because there are a lot of questions being cast on his leadership in that region." CBS This Morning

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