A Message from Rick: Striking Distance


By:  Rick Santorum
Date: March 5, 2012
Location: Unknown

Today I am in Ohio, in the midst of a long day of campaigning. I'll shake hundreds of hands, speak before thousands of supporters and crisscross the Buckeye state seeking votes. I'll talk about big issues, listen and share my conservatism with every open heart.

Here in the heartland our campaign is within striking distance of pulling off another string of victories on Super Tuesday. Despite being outspent 12-to-1 by the Romney machine we are polling ahead in Oklahoma, Tennessee and neck and neck in Ohio. We aren't taking anything for granted though because we've been here before and know what it takes to win.

Our volunteers are making thousands of get out the vote calls. Our campaign is knocking on doors and sharing our principled, conservative vision for America. And we are defending ourselves from the lies, distortions and desperate attacks from our rivals.

We are working harder than every other campaign but we still need your help. We need the resources to reach voters and defend ourselves from negative attacks. We need you to stand with us and take our campaign from striking distance to victory by making a critical contribution of $5, $15, $25, $75, $150 or more.

On the crucial issues of this election - from Obamacare and Wall Street bailouts to soaring gas prices under a Cap & Trade energy scheme - Mitt Romney has sided with Barack Obama.

That's why voters all across America are hungering for a conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and by making an immediate contribution of $5, $15, $25, $75, or $150 to my campaign you can help me make sure they get one.

So don't wait. Please make a critical contribution right away to help me win a game-changing victory on Super Tuesday - the clock is ticking!

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

Just $5 from everyone reading this would do it.