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Bachmann Calls on Obama to Define Afghanistan Mission and Hold Afghanistan Accountable for the Death of Four Soldiers over the Burning of the Koran


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) issued the following statement regarding the present circumstances in Afghanistan:

"Today we learned two more Americans were murdered in the unrest following the unintentional burning of Korans. These deaths bring the needless death toll to four American lives taken by radicals in response to the Koran burning. Yet, the President's response is to apologize, rather than demanding an apology for the families of these American victims.

"The President was quick to issue an apology to Afghanistan President Karzai for the unintentional burnings, but now he should call on Karzai to apologize for the murdering of American troops. I am unwilling to risk one more American life at the hands of the Afghan Army or the Taliban over this incident. Our U.S. troops have paid for the freedom of the people of Afghanistan, the United States has paid with precious treasure and we are not subject either voluntarily or by force to Sharia law. Between 2005-2010 the United States funded over 60 of Afghanistan's total expenditures.

"We credit our troops for winning the war in Iraq, at a tremendous cost, but the President recently chose, intentionally, to lose the peace. Recently, the administration announced they intend to do the same in Afghanistan, which will likely lose the fragile peace there. President Obama must immediately define the terms of our involvement in Afghanistan. President Bush sent troops to Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda who were responsible for 9/11. But President Obama has chosen to negotiate with the Taliban and apologize for our actions. We should never allow our young men and women to be in harm's way unless we have the will to win, a vital U.S. national interest, and clear strategy utilizing overwhelming U.S. force to defeat our enemy. President Obama has retreated from all of these goals.

"President Obama continues to lead from behind. This week instead of sending a strong message that the United States will stand up to violent extremists, he is apologizing and sending a message of weakness around the world. We do not take a back seat to Islam, or any religion. We are subject to American laws, not Islam's sharia laws. We are not defined as a nation under dhimmitude, that is, a nation subject to Islamic demands. We are subject to the U.S. Constitution and the defense of its citizens. Our mission must remain to provide a stable Afghanistan, to defeat the Taliban and all violent Islamist terrorists, and to keep America free, safe and sovereign. I call on the President to reaffirm that mission and demand an apology for the deaths of the four soldiers killed over this incident."

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