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Governor Beebe's Weekly Column and Radio Address: Training Arkansans for Career Success


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Technological advances and globalization cause today's economy to change at a more rapid rate than ever before. While this volatile business landscape creates many challenges, it also presents an abundance of opportunities. Businesses, individuals and communities that adapt to the pace can find new paths to economic success.

As part of our economic-development efforts, we work to ensure that industries have access to a properly trained workforce in Arkansas. More new employers are joining with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services to identify suitable employees and train them to meet job demands. Employers are also working with our colleges and universities to craft curriculums that include more directly applicable learning for students seeking jobs in their industries.

A ground-breaking program recognized nationally for its innovation and success, Arkansas's Truck Driver Training Pilot Initiative, is just one example of how we've enhanced workforce vitality. Because of new federal regulations pertaining to truck-driver safety, there is an ever-increasing demand for well-trained drivers. With the new rules in place, four Arkansas trucking companies have asked Arkansas State University at Newport to resume the truck-driver training program after a three-year hiatus. DWS reinstated the program last September, with a commitment from the trucking industry to hire 300 new drivers at wages exceeding $35,000 in the first year. Now, other states are interested in implementing the program, as well.

Leaders at Maverick USA, Stallion Transportation Group, Tyson Foods and Willis Shaw Express have confidence in the program, because it has shown success before. A rigorous selection process resulted in 87 percent of enrollees completing the training and obtaining a Commercial Driver's License, a rate that was unheard of, according to industry experts. Now, three years later, 41 percent of that initial group is still working in the trucking industry, a huge contrast with the industry's previous 100 percent turnover rate. The results are a testament to the care DWS puts into selecting individuals who will find success and personal fulfillment in this field.

In the past few months, 25 Arkansans have graduated and gone on to work for one of the participating companies. All but six of those people were unemployed at the time they enrolled for training. To ease the financial burden for these job seekers, all tuition and related training expenses will be forgiven if they remain on the job for at least one year.

Besides putting Arkansans back to work, the program sends a positive message to businesses interested in locating in the State. Our recruitment efforts are more effective when business leaders know they will find the right employees here. We are demonstrating once again that our efforts in education will continue to translate into careers for our citizens and will further support the needs of a robust and changing economy.

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