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Keating, Tsongas Join NOH8 Campaign for Marriage Equality


Location: Washington, DC

On February 15, 2012, Reps. Bill Keating and Niki Tsongas joined eight of their House colleagues in the NOH8 Campaign's "NOH8 on the Hill" event.

"The reason why I support the NOH8 Campaign is simple: our country rests on the principle that all people are equal, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation," said Rep. Keating. "If we deny that fact, then we are no longer the Land of the Free. The most important freedom is the freedom to be the person you truly are and embrace the life you want to live. And the ability to marry the person you love is a right, not a privilege. It is my hope that members of our LGBT community -- in particular LGBT youth -- across the country and in Massachusetts feel our encouragement and support. They are not alone. I stand firmly behind them and the important message that NOH8 is spreading."

"In 2004 I rallied on the steps of the Massachusetts State House in support of same-sex marriage, and I was proud that Massachusetts was the first state to recognize marriage equality," said Rep. Tsongas. "Consenting individuals throughout the country though should have the ability to live an authentic life and have their monogamous, long-term relationships recognized and celebrated. The NOH8 campaign is standing up for equality and individual freedom and our nation will be stronger when all Americans are able to enjoy these rights."

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