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Scott Statement on Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D-Virginia) issued the following statement on H.R. 3630, the Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011:

"I supported the two month extension in December so that Congress would have more time to develop a proposal that responsibly pays for the full year extension of the payroll tax cut. Unfortunately, I have to oppose this bill because it is not paid for. This bill adds $101.1 billion to the deficit in fiscal year 2012 alone, it cuts billions from preventive health programs, it scales back unemployment insurance at a time when too many Americans cannot find jobs, it fails to find a long term solution for Medicare physician reimbursement rates, and it unfairly makes federal employees the only Americans responsible for shouldering part of the cost of this extension.

"Budgeting is about making difficult choices and once again this Congress is failing to make those choices. This December we will face the expiration of both this payroll tax cut and the Bush-era tax cuts. If we continue down this path and fail to make the unpopular decision to let all these tax cuts expire or offset them in a fair and responsible way, we will have to pay for these policies with deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Defense, and other vital functions of government that Americans depend on."

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